Information exchange and interaction are our objectives. We encourage you to join, support and participate in the planned activities.

We know there is no catchall or total solution when doing BCP/COOP/DR. No one has done it completely. Just ask the people who have been through one. The only real sources of information are other individuals' knowledge or experiences. We can all learn from each other!   MADRA's goal is to provide an independent forum in the Mid Atlantic area. We encourage the novice, the experienced practitioners, the vendors and suppliers of goods and services, and the public to join us. We can all profit from the exchange of information. MADRA will not endorse any product or service, but will provide a forum where individuals with like interests can come together for mutual benefit.

We plan to have the meetings at no cost to the attendees. Vendors and organizations will be invited to sponsor the meetings. We do, however, need some funds for ongoing operations. To finance these, MADRA would like a contribution of $50.00 per person per calendar year ($25 who join from 7/1 - 12/31).

Since 1989, MADRA was formed to foster communications and networking among individuals, groups and the community working in the areas of Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Continuity Of Operations (COOP) Planning and Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning.   By BCP, COOP and DR, we mean those disciplines required to recover an organization which has suffered a catastrophic event, seriously impairing its ability to perform its normal operations. In a simple word, "a disaster." MADRA is dedicated to ensuring people and organizations are better prepared to manage any type of disaster or emergency event.

Mid Atlantic Disaster Recovery Association, Inc.
October 1989
Volunteer, run by an Executive Committee and Officers
Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania & Delaware
Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania & Delaware
450+ Contributors
$50.00 January 1 to June 30th; $25 July 1 to December 31 yearly contribution
6 General Meetings per year
Information Exchange in the areas of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Job referrals, source for information about products, services and experiences

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