For more information please contact:

Curtis Bartell, President - (703) 638-2694 

John Magoon, Treasurer - (410) 841-5414

Vendors and organizations will be invited to sponsor the meetings. In order to finance our operations, MADRA requests an annual donation of $50/person for patrons who begin attending MADRA meetings starting 1/1 - 6/30 and $25/person for patrons who attend MADRA meetings starting 7/1 - 12/31. We encourage you to support, and participate in the planned activities.

There are many levels of involvement in the organization from a general patron to member of the executive board, to holding elected position as an officer on the board. The donations we request are very reasonable (see below) for the services you receive from this community focused, non-profit organization. In addition to the meeting events we maintain an informational, resource intensive web site including job postings and e-commerce enabled donation. 

We encourage the novice, the experienced practitioners, the vendors and suppliers of goods and services, and the public to join us. We can all profit from the exchange of information. MADRA will not endorse any product or service, but will provide a forum where individuals with like interests can come together for mutual benefit.